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Panda free antivirus Review

This article will discuss the functionality of Panda antivirus and the Panda cloud cleaner feature.

Panda free antivirus – a good alternative of antivirus software

 A good antivirus program is a key to the successful operation of a personal computer, a reliable defender against all sorts of viruses, spyware, and other pests. Now users have at their disposal many antiviruses, each of which has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider the well-known Panda-free antivirus.


Panda antivirus is the first software to use cloud technology for better scanning.  Today, consumers can choose a solution that fully meets their needs. The free Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition is an enhanced version of the original service. The new paid product from Panda additionally offers high-quality technical support and a whole set of functions demanded in corporate configurations.

Both products are powered by Panda Collective Intelligence, a proprietary technology that automatically collects and processes millions of malicious code samples in the cloud rather than on the client PC. As a result, a solution that provides complete protection against threats takes up no more than 15 megabytes of computer RAM. Shared intelligence also ensures that files that are known to be safe are processed more efficiently and can reduce false positives.

Basic criteria for antivirus service review

The abundance of viruses and the high frequency of new malicious programs make it very difficult to assess the efficiency of the antivirus. In this case, it makes sense to pay more attention to other program indicators.

A number of criteria were formed, divided into the following categories:

  • Installation and reliability of antiviruse
  • Automatic operation
  • Safe Internet browsing
  • Filters and firewalls
  • System load
  • Operating modes and functionality.

Pros of using Panda Antivirus

Initially, the developers of this software focused on weak PCs. Low requirements for the characteristics of the Panda antivirus significantly expanded the client base, which allowed every computer or laptop owner to ensure a high level of security. Over time, the company began to add advanced protection technologies, not forgetting to optimize its product. Today, Panda is a highly sought-after security module with a wide range of functions. It allows you to:

  • tun simple and deep cheking;
  • dcan your removable devices for viruses (these are USB devices, memory cards, storage media);
  • protect your PC from anti-spyware;

In addition, a collective intelligence system is built into Pandu, thanks to which users’ computers automatically exchange data on new threats, which increases the overall level of security. In addition to its wide functionality, the advantages of Panda Antivirus include the following:

  • low resource requirements;
  • an attractive, easy to use interface;
  • reasonable price of the full version;
  • built-in firewall.
  • the virus database is constantly updated.

Besides, the user interface of the service allows you to fine-tune your defense mechanisms. In particular, customers will be able to enable and disable individual modules of the product, manage interaction with the “cloud” and regulate the mechanisms of logging.